Self-Defense: Most Popular Products For Female Personal Security - The Top Three

Self-defense product manufacturers like Taser, Mace, Streetwise and Stun Master have been designing products geared to the female market for approximately 10 years now. The reason they do this is because the female market for self-defense products is much larger than the male market. Why, do you ask?

The reason is simple; women are the targets in well over 80% of all assaults. If you look at domestic violence, that percentage is much higher. So women need self-defense products much more than men do. It's no wonder a good majority of self-defense products these days come in one color choice preferred by women more than any others-pink.

Of the thousands of self-defense products on the market today, here are the top three most popular products for female self-defense and for their personal security and personal safety.

Self-Defense: Stun Guns - Effective Female Defense Products

It is absolutely no secret that women are the targets of violent encounters the vast majority of the time-close to 90% to be more exact. It's an unfortunate fact of life. But the sooner that women realize this, the more prepared they can be to defend themselves.

We have always recommended that women develop a so-called 'self-defense strategy' starting at an early age. They can learn some basic self-defense techniques and practice them throughout their lives. As time goes on, that may not be enough. They may need some external help. That's where a nonlethal self-defense product can come into play.

Self-defense devices are an effective tool used by law enforcement agencies all over the world. If they are so effective for them, why wouldn't they work for you?

Self Defense Basics - The Use of Non-Lethal Weapons

Many people have realized the importance of learning self defense techniques and it is a very positive thing. Crime rates need to go down as low as possible in order for all to live in harmony with one another. Although local government officials and law enforcement authorities are exerting much effort in order to keep everyone safe, it is still much better if all people are capable of defending their selves wherever they may be and at all times. Self security should always be given due importance since it is not at all times that we can be protected by the police and other officers. Different types of crimes have always been a problem in the society and it should be minimized, if not put to an end. One of the most important developments in recent times is the creation of non-lethal weapons which could be used by both men and women in order to improve their capacity to defend themselves. We have relied to other means in the past when it comes to self defense but with breakthroughs in technology, it is now easier and more convenient to apply self defense.

Basic Self Defense for Women

It is no secret that those who are prone to attacks are women. In almost all places all over the globe, crime rates concerning women are higher most of the time. That should be given due attention and should be lessened, if not stopped, as soon as possible. Women should be equipped with the right knowledge and tools that they could use to avoid being places in potentially dangerous situations and to help them fight off any attacker as well. If women are able to defend their selves more efficiently, criminals would definitely be hesitant to attack them and this would certainly help lower crime rates worldwide. Women are now presented with different self defense options. They now could easily enroll in various self defense courses or training. There are also some gadgets which are available for sale to help them defend their selves from any attacker. Unlike in the past, they now have more options in which way to learn or implement self defense. Additionally, modern techniques are easier to learn and are more efficient as well.