Self-Defense: Most Popular Products For Female Personal Security - The Top Three

Self-defense product manufacturers like Taser, Mace, Streetwise and Stun Master have been designing products geared to the female market for approximately 10 years now. The reason they do this is because the female market for self-defense products is much larger than the male market. Why, do you ask?

The reason is simple; women are the targets in well over 80% of all assaults. If you look at domestic violence, that percentage is much higher. So women need self-defense products much more than men do. It's no wonder a good majority of self-defense products these days come in one color choice preferred by women more than any others-pink.

Of the thousands of self-defense products on the market today, here are the top three most popular products for female self-defense and for their personal security and personal safety.

Number one on the list is a taser gun. That should come as no surprise either because taser is the most popular nonlethal defense product for law enforcement officers. A taser product is carried by over 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and in eight foreign countries. The civilian version of the taser was developed specifically for women because it's smaller and easier to carry than its brothers. The C-2 taser still shoots out two electrified darts up to 15 feet away with amazing stopping power-close to 100%. The taser uses low voltage and high wattage to disable an assailant. The one time use cartridges are replaceable.

It is the most expensive of all the products for self-defense on the marketplace today. But when it comes to saving a life money shouldn't be a consideration. You need to pass a background check in order to get the product activated. Oh yes, the most popular C-2 color-you guessed it-pink!

The second most popular product for women is a 1,000,000 volt rechargeable stun gun that looks just like a perfume spray. Disguised self-defense products are very popular with women because they give them an added edge in a confrontation-the advantage of surprise. No one would ever suspect that an innocent looking perfume spray bottle would be an effective self-defense product.

The third most popular product for women is a 7.8 million volt Rechargeable Stun Gun that has a built-in slide out charger and LED flashlight. It also has a heavy-duty rubber coating to make gripping easier. And since this is so popular with women you guessed it-it comes in pink. At $17.95 it is a fabulous value too.

Those are the three most popular products for female self-defense and their personal security and pdrsonal safety.

The C2 Taser is nearly 100 % effective at stopping an assailant and is the most popular product for female self-defense.

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Article Source: Dave Artman


  1. I agree one of the most popular and best products for women is the C2 Taser. It's powerful and it allows them to top their attacker from a distance. It has 50,000 volts of stopping power. Interesting blog post.

  2. Stun baton, pepper spray, and slingshots are just a few self-defense products women can use.

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  3. As a female law enforcement officer, I am keenly aware of the dangers women face. I carry a firearm on and off duty, but I also carry a non lethal self defense weapon such as pepper spray or a stun gun on and off duty as well. I am an advocate for the need of women to protect themselves and be ready to use some type of self defense product. Thank you for posting how important this topic is.

  4. And by the way, how about pepper spray or mace spray. I just saw a stun gun that shoots high voltage wire which can temporarily incapacitate an attacker with its 5,000 volts electricity.

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